How to promote your business using Google My Business


Previously known as Google Local and Google Places, today’s Google My Business has undergone many changes. Google adds new features to businesses listings with each new evolution and Google My Business posts are another feature improving searches for businesses and users. We will help to listing in google my business.

What Is Google My Business?

Before starting you can see how to use Google My Business posts, you have to claim your Google My Business listing using your google email id or any other email id. When you claim your listing and verify that you are the business owner, you can start using the many helpful features available through Google My Business.

Your Google My Business listing is usually the first thing that Google users see when they look for your business. Claiming your listing means you get to control what your potential customers see.

Deverra Technologies Co Spc Bahrain will help clients to register in google my business listings.

What Are Google My Business Posts?

Your Google My Business listing includes your company pictures, location, address, contact information and other essentials about your business. Your posts appear underneath this information, before the rest of the results of the search. All listing based on category basis.

Google My Business posts minimum requirements

  • Must be relevant to the business
  • Must be between 100 and 300 words
  • Must be appropriate and honest
  • May feature sales, events, blogs, new products, and more
  • May include a picture
  • May include a call to action
  • May link to another webpage
  • Only appear fifteen days

How To Use Google My Business To Get More Customers.

The customers who see your posts have already searched for you, so the goal of your posts should then be to convince them to visit your website or business. To do this, ask what your customers are looking for when they search for you. Do they want a good deal? Are they looking for something to do or somewhere to go? Do they need to know what you offer? Do they want a reassurance that you’re a high-quality company? Your posts should give your customers what they’re looking for.

Google My Business posts tips:

  • Info, pictures, event times and all details should be accurate
  • Link to a landing page, not your home page
  • Use action-oriented
  • Use an attractive, high-quality featured image
  • Make sure the offer is relevant, or take it down before

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