Hostel – Multi Branch Hostel Management System


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Hostel – Multi-branch Hostel Management System is for manage multi branch or single hostel in a cloud platform.

Using the branch module, the system admin can add or manage multiple branches of the hostel. System admin can manage the hostel branch-wise.

Food meal manager
Using the advanced food meal module, the admin can manage food categories and food subcategories. When admin adds food item in the system they can category and subcategory wise food item.

Pos and order management
In using pos and order module, admin can add order using member food item order using post module. In the order module, the admin can pay the order amount in cash or cheque module.

Bill and bill payment
Using bill module admin can create a monthly wise bill for member and pay bill amount cash or cheque using bill payment module.

Dynamic Role & Permission Management
In using the role and permission module, the admin can add multiple roles and set role permission.

Visitor Information Manamgent
In the visitor information management module, the admin can manage system guests or visitor members. Admin can easily find out system visitor check-in and checkout time.

Dashboard Statistics
In the dashboard module, the admin can see total order, total bill, total food items, and total bed assign. Admin can total bill & collection amount graph and see latest ten notice.

Member Management
In using the member module, The System super admin & admin can add or manage system members. Admin can assign members beds in the bed-assign module and can generate member food items order and their bills.

Advanced account ledger report
In the account ledger report module, The admin can see date-wise total order amount, order collection amount, bill amount, bill collection amount and admin can see total balance summary amount.