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Application Security Testing

Deverra Technologies is a CREST Penetration Testing Service Provider that offers on-demand, scalable & flexible Web Application Security Testing services. We help improve the quality and security of your software applications.

What is Application Security Testing?

Application Security Testing/ Assessment refers to the continuous process of testing, assessing, and managing security risks present in enterprise business software, ensuring the needed resistance to increasing security threats. Our Application Security Assessment services help determine the actual security levels of your business software as it moves through the SDLC. 

Applications are the backbone of today’s businesses and securing them is vital for your business continuity and success. Challenges associated with application security must go addressed efficiently and timely. Application Security services help protect enterprise business software’s through continuous risk assessment & management practices. A robust application security strategy is essential for an organization’s reliability and stability.

Build Digital Trust
Secure your applications to ensure your customer’s confidence in you.
Reduce Attack Surface
Limit the opportunities for hackers to attack applications and networks.
Reduce Risk
Testing applications early in the development cycle significantly reduces the risk of breach and the cost of testing.
Accelerate GDPR Compliance
On the path to GDPR compliance, evaluated application security controls help you reach the goal faster.
Allows you to focus on Business
You may leave your security woes with us and focus on your business growth. Our security specialists are constantly researching better ways to protect your assets.
Security Awareness
Security Awareness Training for employees to ensure that the weakest link of security in your organization are not ‘people’.
Reduce Time to Market
Our Application Security Services follow a lean model, and we ensure the assessments get completed quicker, allowing you to release your products on time.
Reduce Capex
Security testing tools are expensive to invest in for businesses. You may choose our web application security testing to be cost-effective.
Continuous Security Testing
Relentless hackers find more latest ways of breaching web applications, and therefore continuous Application Security Assessment is essential to keep your business software secure from all new vulnerabilities.

Web Application Security Testing

We use a hybrid approach to address all your Web Application Security Testing requirements.
Automated OWASP Scan
Our Web Application Security Assessment uses automated application security scanners for known vulnerability identification.
Detailed Manual Testing
Our security analysts perform exhaustive manual web security testing to identify weaknesses in web application security and business workflows.
Above And Beyond Security Testing

Deverra Technologies security team performs Application Security Services above and beyond the OWASP & SANS listed vulnerabilities.

Remediation Plan
Our Application Security Testing Report contains details such as Vulnerabilities, Risks, and Threat factors. A complete remediation plan also provided for quicker mitigation of risks.

Web Security Testing Preparation

Our Security Assessment Process involves various stages. The key phases of our Application Security Testing are outlined below:
Understand The Application
The first stage of Web Application Security Testing is to identify complete details of the web application. Our team assesses the application functionality, user roles, business logic and structure of the application. If code review is required, the application code base gets reviewed. This process helps our ethical hacking team determine the attack vectors potentially used by hackers.
Threat Model
The next phase of Application Security Testing is to create a threat profile of the application. Our threat models incorporate business goals alongside application security requirements. It enables customized Application Security Services that go above and beyond the generic web application penetration testing.

Web Application Security Testing

Once the application profile is defined and threat vectors are identified, the security testing team will move the activities to the next stage.
Create Web Application Security Test Plan
The web application security test plan provides the testing approach to be used to perform the security tests. The test plan will address the potential approaches to exploit vulnerabilities that would result in compromising user privileges, business logic, transactions, or exposing sensitive data.
Perform Application Penetration Tests
In this stage, ValueMentor security testing team executes the application security test plan. However, unlike software testing, the output of a security test is not always as pre-defined and hence the plan needs continuous updates as it evolves.ValueMentor Security testers utilizing their extensive experience pivots the plan to simulate real hackers. This ultimately leads to finding more vulnerabilities that may lead to breaches

Application Security Reports

Application Security Reports provide insights for management and technical team about the application tested. The reporting phase has two stages.

Identify Remedial Actions
The vulnerabilities are ranked based on various factors. These factors are not just the universal ranking of the vulnerabilities but also include considerations like exploitability, availability of public exploits, ease of exploitation, etc. Our analysts will then determine the solutions to fix the vulnerability identified. We will provide guidance, if required, to the development team to fix the vulnerabilities.
Our Application Security Reports provide actionable information suitable for management and technical teams. Our reports include the following: 1. Detailed report which contains Findings and  Advice on Fixes. 2.CSV file containing all the reported vulnerabilities for easier internal distribution. 3. Automated scan results from scanners.

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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.