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Proactive Threat Hunting

Undetected cyber threats are lurking in organizational networks. Proactive Threat hunting helps you detect attacks you never saw coming.

What is Proactive Threat Hunting?

Threat hunting is the active search for “unknowns or lurked threats,” which describes new and novel attack behaviours that have the ability to evade automated methods of prevention and detection.

Studies shows, on average, it takes 10-days to detect an advanced threat, 39 days to mitigate & 43 days to recover from an advanced attack. While the ability to stop advanced threats improves each year, we face adversaries who are determined and creative in approach, and their techniques evolve just as quickly. So, It is hard to defend what you can’t see & understand using traditional security controls.

The condition raises a few questions: –

  • When prevention falls, what do we have left to defend our organizations?
  • How can we discover gaps as fast as possible?
Identifies unknown threats
Threat hunting helps you detect unknown/advanced threats that have the capability to sidestep traditional tools.
Complete Threat Coverage
Combined with traditional tools, proactive threat hunting enables organizations to identify all threats lurking around their IT environment.
Stronger Security Posture
Proactive threat hunting approaches cyber risks through an approach that is proactive in hunting and remediating unknown threats
Beyond Alerts & IOCs
SIEM Alerts and IOCs provide a great deal of support for Incident Response. However, the most effective threat hunts are open-ended searches and are not restricted to alerts and IOCs.
Faster Incident Response
Threat hunting results feed into the incident response process. Early detection of an unknown threat, helps the IR team respond to them quickly before it becomes a disaster.
Higher confidence
Security analysts take a comprehensive approach to identifying what happens within an organisation’s IT operations. It results in gaining deep knowledge about your IT and operations.

Cyber Threat Hunting

Combining the use of threat intelligence, analytics and automated security tools with human smarts
Scoping And Hunt Design
Defining the scope and hypotheses of the engagement is the initial step of a Proactive Threat Hunting activity. We will work alongside the blue team to define the scope, whether it is organization-wide, limited scope or to address a specifically targeted threat. Depending on the scope and hypotheses, appropriate methodologies and tools will be planned to cover those areas.
Threat Hunting Technologies
In this stage, we will deploy the relevant technologies planned to perform the hunt to the scoped environment and configure & tune them.
Threat Hunting
Once the environment is set up with the relevant Threat Hunting tools, we will perform the hunt using numerous techniques and tactics to look for active compromises.

Threat Hunting Benefits

  • Improves the efficiency of the security operations centre by reducing false positives and enables the SOC to address future cyber incidents
  • Improve confidence in your network integrity and data confidentiality
  • Obtain advice on your Information Security architecture and related security controls to enhance the resiliency and security of your overall IT environment
  • Obtain advice and recommendations on what actions to take to respond to and eradicate cyber threats
  • Cyber threat hunting helps you proactively uncover security incidents
  • Identifying unknown threats improves the speed of threat response and reduces the investigation time after a cyber incident.
  • Help the organization improve the cyber defense systems
  • Detect attempts to compromise your IT environment by sophisticated cyber-attacks

Why Choose Deverra Threat Hunting Service?

A Team With Threat Hunting In DNA
Our team of Experienced Threat hunters & In-house Unit-22, the Threat intelligence unit work collaboratively to detect & anticipate threats that are hidden in your enterprise networks.
Deverra MDR Technology Stack
Deverra MDR stack delivers a mix of proprietary technology, as well as Industry, validated technologies to generate actionable outcomes.
Synchronized Threat Hunting
We use a synchronized Threat hunting approach, with our managed Threat Hunting team working in close proximity with the IR team & ensuring the exercise outcomes get directly fed into IR processes leading to a true MDR service.
A Unique Combination Of Human Analysis & Automation
At Deverra, we still believe in ‘Expert Human analysis as a foundation for Automation’ & hence help reduce the risk of automated data analysis missing adversaries.

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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.