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Penetration Testing

Deverra Technologies is a CREST Penetration Testing Service Provider that assists customers in improved risk mitigation through a range of Penetration Testing services.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing, or simply Pen Testing, is an authorized hacking attempt performed by ethical hackers to assess, identify, and mitigate security vulnerabilities present in the IT infrastructure of organizations. Our CREST Certified Security Analysts offer customized Penetration Testing Services, simulating real-world cyber-attacks. Penetration Testing can adopt different operable styles like White Box Penetration Testing, Black Box Penetration Testing or Grey Box Penetration Testing. We help organizations identify their security control resilience and ensure the security of the infrastructure. Using our Penetration Testing services, companies get an explicit vulnerability report detailing complete risks and adjoining prioritized recommendations for quick mitigation. Network Penetration Testing enables IT departments to validate existing security controls and meet security compliance requirements while allowing managers better prioritize investment for remediation efforts.
External Penetration Testing
External network penetration testing shows what a hacker can see in the network and exploits the vulnerabilities seen over the internet. Here the threat is from an external network on the internet. This test is performed over the internet, bypassing the firewall.
Internal Penetration Testing
Internal Penetration Testing shows the risks that arise from within the network. This test is performed by connecting to the internal LAN and exploiting the existing vulnerabilities.
Segmentation Testing
Segmentation testing separates the less secure networks from more secure networks and ensures that the communication between these networks is confined & limited.
Black Box Penetration Testing
The Black Box Penetration Testing process runs with zero knowledge about the network. The tester acquires the needed details using penetration testing tools or social engineering techniques. Any publicly available information over the internet is a valuable feed for the penetration tester.
White Box Penetration Testing
White Box Penetration Testing is otherwise called complete knowledge testing. Here, testers get full information about the target network. This information can be the host IP address, domains owned, applications used, network diagrams, and security defences like IPs or IDs of a network.
Gray Box Penetration Testing
In Gray Box Penetration Testing, the tester stimulates an inside employee. The tester is given an account on the internal network and a standard permit to the network. This testing process considers internal threats from employees within the organisation.

Benefits of Penetration Testing Services

Criticality Of Vulnerabilities
Pen Testing helps proactively identify the criticality of the vulnerabilities and false positives produced by automated scanners. It allows you to prioritize the remedy action and evaluates if the found vulnerability is to be patched immediately or not based on the criticality.
Regulatory Compliance
Pen Testing helps organizations comply with the different regulatory standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA and GLBA. It can help organizations avoid fines for non-compliance.
Cost Of Compliance
A security breach may impact and cost heavily for an organization. There may be a network downtime that can lead to a heavy business loss. Penetration Testing helps avoid these financial falls by identifying and addressing the risks in a prompt manner.

Why Network Penetration Testing

The IT infrastructure is evolving and becoming more complex. The internal networks have given access over the internet to legitimate users with user credentials and privilege levels outside the firewall, which automatically increases the attack surface. Such infrastructure needs to be assessed regularly for security threats. A Network Penetration Testing Company identifies what type of resources go exposed to the outer world, determines the security risk involved, and prevents these threats before it calls the eye of attackers.

Network Penetration Testing Methodology

Information Gathering & Network Discovery
We collect details about all Insecure Services, Active Hosts & Services, Fingerprinting the O S, Services & links and internet surfing linked to this, etc.
Scanning And Enumeration
The Scanning and Enumeration process in Pen Testing includes port scanning, service detection, and OS fingerprints.
Gaining Access
Gaining access involves vulnerability assessment and exploitation of the identified risk to evaluate the impact and severity.
Remedial Action Identification
Deverra CREST Certified Security Analysts identify a prioritized remedial action plan for the threats and vulnerabilities found in the previous phases.
Reporting & Re-Testing
A detailed report of the findings and guidance on remediation are submitted. On successful remediation, a re-test gets performed to validate the effectiveness of the fixes applied.

Application Security Reports

Application Security Reports provide insights for management and technical team about the application tested. The reporting phase has two stages.

Identify Remedial Actions
The vulnerabilities are ranked based on various factors. These factors are not just the universal ranking of the vulnerabilities but also include considerations like exploitability, availability of public exploits, ease of exploitation, etc. Our analysts will then determine the solutions to fix the vulnerability identified. We will provide guidance, if required, to the development team to fix the vulnerabilities.
Our Application Security Reports provide actionable information suitable for management and technical teams. Our reports include the following: 1. Detailed report which contains Findings and  Advice on Fixes. 2.CSV file containing all the reported vulnerabilities for easier internal distribution. 3. Automated scan results from scanners.

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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.