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Cloud Security Services

Secure your cloud path through pragmatic Cloud Security Services/Assessments.

What is Cloud Security?

Cloud Security, also known as Cloud Computing Security, help protect enterprise cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and data through a broad set of security policies, technologies, and pragmatic controls. Build the security & resilience for your cloud platforms & services using our Cloud Security Services.

Organizations utilize several cloud platforms and services as part of cloud adoption. However, most organizations fail to comprehend the cyber security importance of such deployments. And a majority of them need external aid to get a complete view of the cyber security posture. Deverra is one of the most trusted & leading Cloud Security Services Providers performing Cloud Security Assessments globally.

Deverra Cloud Security Framework

Assess Cloud Security Services
Our Cloud Security Assessments provide insights into your current cloud environment or help with your future cloud adoption plan.
Our Cloud Security Advisory service will aid you to design the cloud security controls, effectively remediating the gaps. It can result in a protected and stable cloud design.
Our Cloud Security Engineering team helps you execute the security controls aligning with organizational goals and requirements. It can result in a secure and compliant cloud environment.
Our Cloud Security Operations team handles the security of your cloud infrastructure, thereby ensuring Digital Secure Transformation.
Test The Cloud Security Services
Our Cloud Security Testing service runs periodic validation of implemented security controls so that the business can operate securely.

Cloud Managed Security Services

We help improve the information security throughout your organization, from on-premises solutions to virtualized environments. Also, we secure your data in the cloud by using encryption techniques and keys.
Office 365 Security
We provide a multi-layered security solution protecting cyber security risks associated with Office 365. It is a comprehensive strategy that protects users, devices, and access, ensuring all potential attack vectors go identified, remediated, and closed.
Azure Security
Our Azure Security services offer customizable security options to protect your data, infrastructure, and workload security, be it on-premise, cloud or hybrid environments. Protect your resources from service threats, manage infrastructure security, and effectively monitor, identify, and deploy access management policies.
AWS Security
AWS Cloud Security Services is a shared security responsibility model between AWS and the user. We enable enterprises to extend their data protection policies to the cloud, maintaining the needed visibility and ensuring compliance. We provide higher security compared to traditional on-premise configurations for security.
Cloud Firewalls
Rely on our cloud firewall security, built to shield, or mitigate unwanted access to private networks. The new technology innovation goes designed for modern business necessities within online application environments. It assures the needed scalability, availability, migration security, secure access, and identity management.
The goal is to connect traditional IT and security while assuring safe code delivery. DevSecOps improves the quality and speed of delivery outcomes by promoting more collaboration with Development, Security, and Operations teams.
Web & Email Security Solutions
Our cloud web and email security solution furnish comprehensive enterprise-grade email security against a wide array of threats. We deliver continual, up to date protection against spam, malware, and virus. Also, we help you address the latest cloud security challenges, eliminating the complexity and cost of on-premise services.

Cloud Security Operations

While integrating the cloud into existing enterprise functions, you require continuous Cloud Security Assessments. Also, a fresh approach to security strategies with solid visibility and control manages cohesive multi-cloud programs.
Defining Your Fore Coming State
Identifying, analysing, and understanding the future state of your enterprise and security program. We help you deploy cloud security at each layer of the stack.
Making Your Cloud Journey Secure
We help enterprises integrate cloud security controls and design methodology with pragmatic cloud security services. Also, help you enforce cloud security programs through automation and security orchestration.
Developing A Cloud Security Roadmap
Our Cloud Managed Security Services engagement delivers holistic cloud security assessments, involving strategies and efficient gap analysis. It can further aid you to develop an effective roadmap for transforming cloud security deployments and controls.
Ongoing Threat Management & Resiliency
When enterprises have centralized visibility and control, they can better adapt and monitor the threat landscape. It helps build and orchestrate an enterprise-wide incident response.
Holistic Cloud Security Strategy
Our adept team of cyber security practitioners enable enterprises with a holistic risk-based cloud security strategy, deployment, and readiness plan. The hybrid-multi cloud security solution helps you prepare for a safe cloud journey.
Workload & Data Protection
Another multi-cloud security solution runs around enterprise functions to build, design and secure-by-design workloads. Also, our cloud security solutions allow locating, classifying, and managing critical information on the cloud.
Identity & Access Management
Yet another concern we address sticks to who accesses enterprise workloads and systems. Our Cloud Security Services identify, manage, and control different layers of access in your multi-cloud environment.
Unified Visibility Across Multi-Cloud
We help you acquire unified visibility. Also, manage and monitor cloud-native controls via our cloud security program, including cloud security posture management.
Proactive Recommendations/Action Plans
Witness real-time and context-driven action plans or recommendations, that help enterprises eliminate the possibility of false positives. Enable swift decision making by focusing on actual incidents or triggers.
Improving Cloud Security Skills & Expertise
When looking for cyber security best practices for protecting cloud functions, the right expertise in understanding your business goals and other regulatory requirements proves beneficial.

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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.