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Identity And Access Management Services

Confirm roles that say they are (Authentication) and secure resource access permissions as defined (Authorization).

What is Identity and Access Management (IAM)?

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the security practice of ensuring people and entities with digital identities have the right level of access to enterprise resources. The specific service facilitates sound implementation of user roles and access privileges. IAM security approach involves the best framework, services and solutions that help in secure handling of digital identities and access to critical enterprise resources.

Digital transformations have indeed raised the breadth of cyber security attacks. Here is where Identity and Access Management services become crucial for every organization. Deverra offers customized Identity and Access Management Services, delivering the required visibility & control of access to enterprise digital assets.

Limit access to assets
Allow or block access to sensitive or protected applications and data, improving the granularity of business permissions and roles.
Restrict platform access
Limit or confine user access to different platforms used for business-specific functionalities.
Prevent sensitive data transmission
Define specific boundaries for data communication by enabling strict permissions for users on data creation, deletion, and transfer.
Provide reporting
Improve security functions and reduce risks through IAM reports. It provides customized recommendations for Identity & Access Management.
Improve security
Find policy violations, remove improper access privileges, and ensure your security measures adhere to industry regulatory requirements.
Solid compliance
Meet requirements of various compliance mandates focusing on data security and privacy, especially HIPAA and SOX.
Productivity hike
With fast and dedicated access rights and privileges, employees can work smoothly, resulting in an overall productivity hike for enterprises.
Reduced IT costs
Automate and standardize tasks related to identity, authorization, and authentication. In fact, cloud based IAM services remove the need to buy and maintain on-premise infrastructure.

Identity & Access Strategy And Assessment

Develop an IAM strategy and custom roadmap that protects critical data
Identity & Access Management
Deverra Security Specialists help organizations streamline Identity and Access Management more efficiently and conveniently. We can help you detect identity and access gaps existing in your organization, design a tailored strategy, and manage the right solutions for the long haul.
Strategy, Risk & Compliance
We foster a custom-design approach that helps organizations lower the risk of insider threats and identity fraud. Witness faster and more efficient IAM processes that can better manage your risk, compliance, and governance. A prioritized IAM roadmap improves the overall activity visibility and tracking that can ease your regulation compliance.

Privileged Access Management Services

Leverage a fully managed PAM solution to secure your privileged users
Hybrid Access Management
The security solution provides an in-depth context and intelligence for customer and workforce identity and access management. Enable Identity Analytics with AI capabilities in the same SaaS environment as Access Management for better risk mitigation. The solution provides centralized access management for your cloud and on-premises applications.
PAM On-Premises
PAM On-Premises or In the Cloud points to SAAS – PAM as a service that helps organizations protect all application, service, and administrator accounts. Solution capabilities include easy set-up, rapid time to value, flexibility, reduced risks, advanced threat management, stability and 24/7 monitoring availability.
Endpoint And Application Control
Endpoint devices are often the most vulnerable part of an enterprise IT system. Our IAM service line help organizations gain complete visibility, enforce the least privilege at the endpoints and limit applications’ access rights to critical systems. Thereby helping prevent the occurrence of malware-based attacks & other critical vulnerabilities.

Managed Identity Services

Get continuous optimizations and improvements for your IAM program
IAM Design And Deployment

We help you custom-design a solid IAM that encompasses efficient access management, identity management, authentication and governance for your enterprise that helps prevent security risks. IAM Design and Deployment service includes: –

  • Security risk assessment
  • Identity governance
  • Strategy, risk, and compliance
Managed Security Services

Benefit through a fully managed and extended program with tailored services, including cloud, infrastructure, data, identity, threat, and response management. We offer constant monitoring, detection and response against the most advanced threats and compliance requirements. Our Managed Security Services include: –

  • Managed detection and response
  • Managed endpoint security
  • Managed identity
  • Managed cloud security
Cloud IAM Services

Cloud IAM services help organizations speed up their business growth and innovations. Our security experts help you define the right cloud IAM strategy and accelerate your cloud journey safely. Gain the needed visibility, security expertise and control for your hybrid and multi-cloud environments with our end-to-end cloud IAM services. It includes: –

  • User identity and access management
  • Managed cloud data security
  • Cloud security services

Identity Governance And Administration Services

Govern access, evaluate compliance, and enable users with the right access for their lifecycle.
Identity Lifecycle Management
Our IGA team protects, simplifies, and automates the identity and access lifecycle process of users in a network. These modules can improve the effectiveness of IGA solutions, including a hybrid solution that combines IGA and Access Management. It can help organizations migrate to the next level of the IAM process.
Access Request & Approval
Our IGA solution provides an easy way for administrators to manage user accounts. A well-designed access request and approval service allow them to efficiently add, delete or modify access against changes in your organization like hiring, training, or internship. It significantly increases workforce productivity and, at the same time, reduces security violation risks.
Access Governance
We offer a centralized way to deploy regulatory controls via role-based access provisioning and periodic access certifications. These regulatory controls address the question – Who has access to what and when? It becomes vital while adhering to regulatory requirements of HIPAA, GDPR, SOX etc. We hold the trust of delivering our customers with the best-configured access governance solution.
IGA – PAM Integration
Including privileged access to governance solution help organizations get complete visibility of high-risk accesses. Our IGA experts allow you to integrate PAM and IGA model and thereby prioritize the addition of access privilege into your governance. Integrating them means a centralized platform of policy definition and deployment for all forms of identity management.
What Makes Deverra Your Perfect IAM Partner?
  • Enhanced access security
  • Improved coverage & visibility
  • Rapid risk reductions
  • Qualified Security Team
  • More User Trust & Credence

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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.