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LogPoint Service

What Is a LogPoint Service?

LogPoint service encircles SIEM, UEBA & SOAR technologies in a complete and flawless platform that help businesses to efficiently detect threats. LogPoint service mirrors a scalable option, purchased on a license model, and relies on the number of devices sending log information.

Using LogPoint, their trusted solutions to the peak value and worth. We offer the best in-demand features of LogPoint solution for streamlining tasks, effective threat hunting, enhancing SOC operations, detecting unusual behaviour, and automating tasks.

Why LogPoint Service?

We offer LogPoint Service for businesses that require a complete view of the threat landscape and help efficiently hunt threats. We have the best cyber security resources and professionals, offering swift threat detection and response with SIEM, UEBA & SOAR tools. The wide spectrum of offered features – usability with SIEM, UEBA & SOAR technologies, and the predictability of costs make the service the ideal solution for enterprises, regardless of size and domain. The service focuses on reducing false positives and prioritizing risks factors that fuels a swift response. The service extends to retail, public administration, financial services, healthcare, education, manufacturing, hospitality & services.

Centralized Analysis
LogPoint service provides a holistic view of IT security posture with advanced correlation capabilities, avoiding data silos.
Improved Detection
With advanced SIEM & UEBA solutions, it speeds up detection and prioritization of risks with seamless investigations.
Reduced Downtime
Automated workflows, reporting, and threat intelligence enable reduced downtime, limiting the impact of security breaches.
Machine Learning
It provides actionable intelligence on behaviour shifts or anomalies through machine learning trends and techniques.
Decreased Breach Risk
Swift analysis of log files and network traffic helps detect and shield advanced persistent threats, reducing breach risks.
Hiked Productivity
Improved security analytics and detection capabilities develop enterprise resilience to security issues, hiking productivity.
Brand Prominence
The ability to efficiently threat hunt and accelerated response time is a vote of trust that hikes brand prominence.
Leverage Compliance
Location-based data tracking features of SIEM speed up compliance auditing & reporting for data protection standards.
Predictable Costs
Here, prices won’t get changed due to data loads and depends on devices sending log information.

Solution Implementation Approach

The Architect phase of our ABCD approach carries both planning and the design part. In the Planning part, our MDRSOC architect conducts architecture discussions, identifies dependencies, and schedules the deployment. It includes project meetings & planning’s, team mobilizing & introductions, defining roles & responsibilities and reviewing the scope of work. In the Design part, our security experts use data from the previously gathered scope to design the service line. It includes use case workshops, identifying and mapping data sources, creating architectural designs, dependency planning, and the final review of communication and agreements with the user.
The Build Phase of our ABCD approach carries the initial set-up, data acquisition and integration part. In the Initial Set-Up part, our security experts set the core components of the service and integrate them with the most critical data sources or logs. In the Data Acquisition part, data from various log sources get converged to the monitoring platform after careful planning. Our integration team follows the best practices for optimal data acquisition, resolves technical issues, connects them to the SIEM solution by developing a standard acquisition procedure for each type of data source in the entire process. In the Integrate part, collected logs and contextual data get connected to the SIEM. It also encircles the configuration of commercial threat intel services and security content.
In the Commence phase of our ABCD approach, the SOC operations wing becomes alive with integrated data sources ready to go live with analysis. It includes security monitoring and initiation of reports, service stabilizations, enabling process orientation, and the convergence of remaining data sources as a part of ongoing service.
In the Deliver phase of our ABCD approach, the security monitoring service delivers a real-time eye for swift inspections. The service line enhances the capability of your security infrastructure by keenly looking at logs from various data sources, alerts from servers and network devices on a 24/7/365 offering. It includes real-time analysis and action plans to emerging threats, automated event analysis and compliance reporting, risk probing with remediation plans, solid asset-based security reporting using visualization tools and the open window of security assists at every possible requirement.

LogPoint: Security Incident And Event Management

LogPoint advanced and scalable Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solution provide a comprehensive view of the organization’s security posture. It is a defence tool that works on live data and log files for finding information sources. SIEM enables enterprise security professionals to easy-monitor activities within their environment, efficiently hunt down threats and alert security events, eliminating false positives. With modern SIEM solutions, data from different sources could be converged and easily investigated, driving insights into threat hunting, activity monitoring, and compliance reporting. LogPoint SIEM solution focuses on three main areas: –
Advanced Threat Detection
  • Real-time threat detection & swift analysis
  • Detection of Advanced
  • Persistent Threats (APT)
  • Speeds up security analysis
Security Monitoring
  • Boosts log management capabilities
  • Aids compliance audits and reporting
  • Real-time monitoring of security controls, n/w devices & end-point agents
Investigation & Incident Reporting
  • Relies on analysis of network traffic & log files
  • Furnishes easy-interpret visualizations
  • Delivers fast response with reduced downtime

LogPoint: User & Entity Behaviour Analytics

LogPoint User Entity and Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) is a powerful solution that enables security analysts to detect abnormal activities and behaviours in the network. It focuses on monitoring and examining suspicious user behaviours and other aspects of cloud deployments, mobile/on-premises applications, networks, and other external threat vectors. It uses machine learning capabilities and analyses user and entity behaviours to detect malicious patterns or abnormalities. There are no pre-defined rules in the UEBA LogPoint solution. It creates baselines for entities in the network, and actions are evaluated based on these guidelines.
UEBA LogPoint Solutions Are A Value For Worth As It,
  • Reduces detection time using machine learning
  • Uses algorithm-driven analysis to detect lateral movements
  • Correlates with SIEM, making events insightful
  • Discovers suspicious user behaviours and beaconing
  • High-scale visualizations for a faster threat hunt
  • Aids in spotting insider threats

LogPoint: Security Orchestration, Automation And Response

LogPoint Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solution enables SOC to automate threat responses, providing complete coverage of threat detection and response capabilities. While technologies have enhanced, many of the incident response activities still stick to the manual pathway. SOAR functionalities combined with LogPoint service helps the enterprise speed up response to a matter of seconds. SOAR integrations have resulted in efficient automation and standardization of responses while addressing security incidents. SOAR solution as a part of LogPoint SIEM collects and prioritizes data and alerts, aiding security analysts to identify and resolve threat incidents much faster than any conventional model.
LogPoint SOAR Solutions Are A Value For Worth As It,
  • Use automated playbooks for threat detection
  • Improves SOC efficiency by removing manual methods
  • Hikes SOC productivity using guided decisions
  • Focuses on what matters, reducing alert fatigue
  • Automates repetitive tasks, lowering security costs
  • Develops operational coherence & risk management

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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.