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Office 365 Security Risk Assessment

Scale up & leverage your Microsoft Office 365 protection using Deverra O365 Security services!

What is Office 365 Security?

For almost every company, Office 365 is the initial cloud service deployed across the organization. It has kept evolving with the trend focusing on increased productivity, feature dimensions, and security tools for all users. But at the same time, the far-flung nature of Office 365 has sprouted many bottlenecks in the security line of organizations. And there is a proper need to address those threats. Security service intended to address these threats and protect the functionality is known as Office 365 Security.

Deverra holds a stiff security control posture in the cyber security domain and could be your trusted advisor and partner for Microsoft Office 365 Security concerns. Let us minimize your risk of being breached through our ADAPT framework of O365 security.

Sensitive data protection
We help to identify your sensitive information flows and leaks with built-in data loss prevention. Using this, detect inclusions of sensitive data within the cloud, network, or end-point.
Sensitive email encryption
Sensitive email encryption allows only the right person access to email information. It focuses on solid encryption mechanisms catering to the necessary data flow
Better control and accessibility
Our data protection policy aims to control accessibility for your emails without letting them end up in the wrong direction. These restrictions can stiffen your control measures.
Advanced threat detection
With advanced threat protection, prevent all threats that bypass the traditional security systems. Implement an automatic scan and detection for emails and attachments.
Device protection and control
MFA (multi-factor authentication) & Windows Defender service enables handy protection for all company devices, aiding access control and defensive mechanisms.
Phishing Protection
Our security advisory services and monitoring services fuel a phishing-free environment for your organizational communication. We focus on suspicious activity detection, policies and countermeasures.
Centralized security policy
We implement a centralized security policy for your business data and devices that connects other business applications. Safeguard your business data without a look back.
Access control at end-points
Track and control all accessibility issues, gateway protection, and priorities with a conditional access policy. It can give you better control over your business connections.
Business application management
Our Office 365 consultancy services help you identify and determine who has access and authority to your business applications. It relies on the protection of apps on personal devices.

Deverra – ADAPT Framework for O 365 Security

Our 0365 assessment services identify and evaluate all flaws and gaps related to the architecture and security segment of your Office 365 features and functions.
Our O365 Security Advisory team will aid you in the proper design of all security controls and features pointed at remediating the identified gaps in the assessment segment.
Adhering to the security standards and policies, our expert engineering division aligns the deployment or implementation of all security controls. It can help you acquire the needed compliance to stay protected.
Our O365 operation security team will ensure your environment security by efficient implementation and operational control measures shooting at the best digital transformation security
Our cloud security testing services soulfully connects the improvements in your Microsoft office security and architecture inclusive of regular checking and monitoring

The Need For O365 Security

With changing trends in the digital landscape and business improvements, Microsoft Office 365 has opened its door with the most welcoming features and enhancements. It has become the most adopted cloud service in terms of productivity, collaboration and connectivity. While exploring the way with further enhancements, Office 365 security is an area of focus and concern to many organizations. They need to protect the confidentiality and integrity of their users concerning the stored data information in the cloud. It has deemed the call for a fully Managed Security Service to the raised threat of breaches and theft.

Many quests arise while you enjoy the privileges and benefits of Microsoft services and are vital concerns for any organization. Some of the common concerns with Microsoft office 365 are;

  • Data security features in O365
  • Specific complaint needs at the user end
  • Cloud data protection and security
  • The effectiveness of the could-email approach

O 365 Security Assessment


While staying in the security environment of Microsoft, endpoint protection is a keen aspect of keeping an organization’s security posture. Our O365 security analysts and architects provide expert assessment services to all customers who strive to minimize the risk of being breached. Our security assessments can identify the gaps and flaws in your Office 365 environment and help you with a detailed inspection report. We strive to maximize your protection levels by deploying security controls based on provided assessments.
Our Assessment Services Focus And Evaluate Common O365 Features
  • Security architecture and infrastructure
  • Security logging & monitoring
  • Identity management
  • Access protection and policy
  • Data protection and recovery
  • Threat identification & response plan
Our detailed M365 assessment follows a complete report that includes a screenshot of existing M365 security configuration, analysis findings, enhancements and prioritized recommendations and a roadmap to harden your security posture.

O365 Security Monitoring

We believe that strict supervision and solid visibility is keen for all ongoing security policies and measures included in the road map. All feature updates, movements and enhancements are eyed and deployed to perfection while opting for the O365 security monitoring service. Any security posture change gets high priority while operating in Office 365 environment. Our monitoring engagement offers the end-users the reliability and assurance that their data get protected.

The best bid features of our Microsoft Office 365 security monitoring service include:-

  • Existing environment assessment of O365
  • Alert on any posture changes detected
    24/7 inspection on all controls deployed.
  • Alert on changes to pre-defined roles and access
  • Alert on suspicious activities and changing behavioural trends
  • Keeping an eye on security control hindrances
  • Risk spotting and prioritized improvement recommendations.

Solution Benefits Of O365 Security

1. All-Inclusive Security Measures:
Ease out all your security concerns with the best solution expertise of O365 security services from Deverra. Microsoft offers a baseline solution to all security needs, but our exposure in the cyber security division sketches your complete environment outside the scope that may affect the security controls.
2. Premium Data Security & Protection:
With our top-modeled security assessment, management, and monitoring services, enable your best security protection wrap for the confidentiality of the data, wherever it lives. With a high degree of standard in data security and protection, organizations could feel the extra bit of safety flavour.
3. Consolidated Policy Management:
Keeping in view the chunks of data within the cloud storage, email or local storage, we create a single data protection policy that points to a consolidated approach. It offers a more consistent and centralized policy deployment.

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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.