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Healthcare organizations in the United States and their business associates worldwide need to comply with the HIPAA / HITECH Regulation.

What is HIPAA Act?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, 1996 or simply HIPAA – is a federal law that shields the disclosure of patient’s Protected Health Information (PHI) in the US and for their business associates worldwide. HIPAA Compliance is considered a vital culture that healthcare entities must integrate into their business to secure the privacy, integrity, and security of sensitive patient health information.

With the introduction of the HIPAA Omnibus rule, all business associates in the chain of healthcare support will require HIPAA Certification. They also need a HIPAA Compliance Hosting solution to store protected health information in the public cloud or on dedicated servers. HITRUST is the recommended framework that provides an integrated security approach and a way to demonstrate HIPAA Compliance. Get a fully managed and comprehensive HIPAA Compliance Hosting Solution from our qualified and well-experienced HIPAA consultants.

Deverra HIPAA/ HITRUST Compliance Services

HIPAA GAP Assessment
Our experienced consultants can help you identify the gaps by performing a comprehensive HIPAA GAP Assessment between your existing healthcare technology practices and the latest HIPAA Compliance Certification requirements. Our HIPAA / HITECH GAP assessment service provides clarity on the current state and the level of effort needed to achieve HIPAA /HITRUST Compliance. For this, we utilize the OCR Guidelines and Audit protocol framework.
HIPAA Security Risk Assessment
As specified under §164.308(a)(1)(ii)(A), Security Risk Assessment is mandatory and needs to get performed annually. ValueMentor Consultants utilizes the NIST 800-30 guidance to conduct the HIPAA Security Risk Assessment.
HIPAA Security Awareness
Security awareness and periodic reminders mark another mandatory requirement on your course for HIPAA Compliance Certification. Deverra offers security awareness solutions that help your organization achieve HIPAA compliance on one side and help enhance security posture on the other. HIPAA Security Awareness can reduce security incidents and thereby help acquire an improved level of compliance.
HIPAA Security & Privacy Remediation Support

A remediation plan gets developed for the gaps identified in the HIPAA Gap Assessment phase. Deverra support team will keep track of all your remediation management, working closely with your internal teams. We will help you develop the HIPAA Policies and Procedures needed to comply with the HIPAA requirements. We will manage the remediation projects for you until it gets implemented to the required level for HIPAA Certification.



Our Approach

Deverra helps an organization achieve HIPAA Compliance by implementing HITRUST CSF in a phase-wise approach. Hence, the HIPAA Certification is otherwise known as HITRUST Certification.
Scoping The HIPAA Project
We help organizations understand their scope environment by identifying the PHI lifecycle that includes capture, processing, transmission, storage & disposal to map against HIPAA rules. Based on this understanding, a suitable plan for analysis gets designed with associated responsibilities and clearly defined activity timelines.
Analyze The Gaps & Risks
On the defined scope, we assess the current organization security controls in place to protect PHI, with reference to HITRUST CSF requirements – Administrative, Physical & Technical. The output then gets communicated along with its risks and areas of improvement. We also design the target security posture of the organization in line with business goals and requirements.
Remediation Of Gaps
Based on the gaps and areas of improvement identified during the analysis phase, we help design and develop an appropriate information security governance program that is mindful of the many layers of stakeholders involved in your organization’s security. Our HIPAA consultant team will devise the right policies, and procedures along with its required technical controls and plan for periodic internal reviews. The plan help achieve and maintain the target organization framework profile. We help bridge the gap between your new security controls and their day-to-day deployment by training, educating, and offering hands-on implementation support to your biggest source of security risks – the people, end-users, IT users, and senior management.
Monitor Ongoing HIPAA Compliance
We help organizations maintain their security posture by defining suitable control monitoring metrics and conducting periodic internal audits. It would enable organizations to keep track of their cyber risks and monitor effectiveness of cyber security controls set to protect Patient Health Information (PHI).

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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.