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ISO 27701 Consulting Services

A major step forward in information privacy is to comply with ISO/IEC 27701. Deverra is the leading & most-trusted ISO 27701 Consultant, helping our clients build and certify a robust Privacy Information Management System (PIMS).

What is ISO 27701 Standard?

ISO/IEC 27701:2019 is a service extension to ISO/IEC 27001. ISO 27701 Standard is the first global information privacy management standard that holds requisites, objectives and security controls related to the effective implementation of the Privacy Information Management System (PIMS). It also entails how organizations should effectively manage personal information and assist them in developing compliance with various other international privacy regulations.

Deverra ISO 27701 consulting services are undertaken by expert cyber security practitioners who have years of exposure in conducting security audits and implementing control measures in the data privacy and protection domain. We can help you achieve ISO 27701 Certification and, at the same time, help streamline compliance with existing and future regulations.

Boost customer trust
ISO 27701 standard prioritizes data protection and privacy, boosting customer trust with efficient management of personal information.
Support regulatory compliance
Having an efficient privacy information management system means easy compliance with other regulatory standards and local privacy laws.
Gain stakeholder confidence
Maintaining a high standard in managing privacy risks and better transparency in data governance ensures confidence within stakeholders.
Minimize risks/breaches
Rigorous and stiff implementation of ISO 27701 controls in adherence to the ISO 27701 standard requirements helps mitigate risks and avoid potential breaches.
Improves privacy posture
A well-developed and stabilized privacy information management system (PIMS) can hike your overall business security posture.
Robust integrated system
An integrated system that complies with ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 can incorporate changing privacy requirements and security expectations.
Competitive advantage
Having your privacy security controls in line with the golden standard promises organizations a standalone position and competitive advantage.
Facilitates business agreements
When running in compliance with the global privacy data standard, it aids businesses in coming together and working on effective mutual agreements.
Demonstrate next-level protection
ISO 27701 Certification compliance means that your organization adheres to all-in-one data privacy, confidentiality, and protection standard.

ISO 27701  Consulting Services Through ADAPT Framework

  • ISO 27701 awareness
  • ISO 27701 gap assessment
  • ISO 27701 risk assessment
  • ISO 27701 risk treatment plan
  • Identify security controls
  • Develop policies and strategies
  • Design technical controls
  • Implement policies and strategies
  • Implement ISO 27701 controls
  • Conduct technical awareness
  • Deploy periodic security testing
  • Monitor PIMS controls & action plans
    Manage technology integrations
  • Mitigate risks to an acceptable level
  • PIMS performance review
  • PIMS internal audits
  • ISO 27701 attestation audits

Our Approach Towards ISO/IEC 27701 Compliance

Choosing PIMS Strategy
The initial step of ISO 27701 Certification Services is to choose the right approach in developing a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) that correlates with business objectives, compliance needs and other privacy necessities. PIMS development process relies heavily on the defined strategic goals and its privacy controls.
PIMS Scope Analysis
The scope feeds requirements to the PIMS that helps to produce an ideal framework to deploy, maintain and improve compliance with the data protection standard. Determining the PIMS scope is the pivot element for a healthy ISO 27701 implementation practice. External/internal issues, specific needs, organizational goals, risk acceptance levels and regulatory obligations fall under the scope.
PIMS Gap & Risk Assessments
The phase involves conducting privacy impact assessments and security risk assessments to explore the deviation or gaps in your current security framework based on ISO 27701 compliance guidelines. Identified vulnerabilities and gaps are subject to remediation plans and actions. The phase converges the best security assessment tools, testing’s, methodologies, and expert resource capabilities.
Risk Treatment Plans
The risk treatment plan is a roadmap laid on the findings of detailed assessments and tests. It involves the development of patching guidelines and security control recommendations to mitigate the risks and converge the identified deviations. In fact, it is a prioritized roadmap that entails the vulnerabilities and action plans based on risks severity or impact.
Advisory Assist In Risk Mitigation
We just don’t leave you halfway. Our expert cyber security task force will ensure the effective deployment of ISO 27701 controls and patching of your PIMS through advisory support. We will aid you in deploying proper control measures by providing support and service towards a successful ISO 27701 Certification. We believe in collaborative efforts, and our cyber team is always ready with helping hands and open ears.
PIMS Management & Monitoring
A well-defined and designed PIMS is an asset for any organization while traversing the digital route. Our consultation service effectively manages your PIMS with continual improvement and recommendations for optimum privacy levels. We dip our eye into your PIMS by strict monitoring controls and policies as a part of the critical requirement of maintaining the right privacy posture.
Internal & Certification Audits
As a part of the ISO 27701 compliance program, our ISO 27701 Consultants perform Internal and Certification Audits. Internal Audits  are the perfect tool to assess the readiness for assessments or any future improvements if needed. The ISO 27701 Audits ensure zero non-conformities to the required standard expectations and aid your organization to streamline the best practices and processes towards achieving your valuable ISO 27701 Certification.
Awareness Training /Support
Privacy risk management is an eternal process, and you need collective effort to maintain the same. Deverra security specialists not just guide associations in the plan, arrangement, support and monitoring of the PIMS, but also provide the best learning  modules for hierarchical staff. Training and awareness programs are vital aspects to the sound  deployment of the privacy system, ensuring adequate knowledge and insights to our customer base.

Addressing Privacy And Information Security On A Single Thread

Information security and privacy are both interlinked. While privacy relates to the rights that govern the use of personal information, information security concentrates on personal data protection. A robust system implementation should address security while meeting privacy requirements.

ISO/IEC 27701 (PIMS), the extension of ISO/IEC 27001 (ISMS), bridges the gap between privacy and security of information. The integration could mould an efficient Information Security & Privacy Management System (ISPMS), capable of delivering the ultimate security requirements.


ISO/IEC 27701 and GDPR complement each other as most GDPR requirements stick to the same path. While GDPR compliance defines security principles and policies for efficient data handling, ISO 27701 ensures data confidentiality and integrity. Both assist organizations in effectively managing and reducing risks around personal information.

Organizations looking for ISO/IEC 27701 certification in coherence with GDPR compliance should initially acquire ISO/IEC 27001 certification, as ISO 27701 is an extension to the latter. If the organizations aren’t pre-certified to ISO 27001 standard, it clearly advises implementing both ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 together.


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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.