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Personal Data Privacy/Protection Services

We help you prioritize privacy and security to protect critical business information. Let us be your privacy companion!

What is Data Privacy/ Protection Service?

Data Protection Services are the services that aim to establish and enforce policies, procedures and best practices that govern the way your organization gathers and handles data, reducing risks and ensuring you meet global privacy objectives. Deverra Data Security Services map to your information security program so you can keep the confidentiality and seclusion of sensitive data.

Why Data Protection Services?

Rapid technological advancements with the constantly altering data protection landscape pose business challenges from both commercial and compliance standpoints. Our consultants can help address your obligatory requirements & improve your compliance with GDPR, the Data Protection Act 2018 and other overseas privacy laws.

Gain customer confidence
Having privacy flags pinned under your business functions is a way to demonstrate that your business put special care into data protection.
Expertise on-demand
Deverra team is fully capable and ever ready to support you along every step of your journey with data privacy.
Manage privacy requirements
Our team help ready you for personal data protection law’s like GDPR and other regional or industry-specific privacy requirements.
Prepare your team
Think of privacy from the start and keep your employees on the best data handling and cyber security practice route.
Respond swiftly
Have the resource, expertise, and skill-on-hand for swiftly responding to privacy concerns and threats.
Affordable service lines
Our data security services lean on affordable expertise and support models for businesses.
Trusted advisors
We have trusted advisors who provide real-world guidance and let you walk successfully through the projects.
Tailored consulting
All our data privacy assessment and consulting programs, including GDPR compliance, follow a customized plan and strategy.

Data Protection & Privacy Services

Outsourced DPO Services
Data Protection Officer DPO-aaS is one of the ideal service lines for businesses to demonstrate Data Privacy Compliance, irrespective of the legal provision. Our privacy specialists fully assess your current compliance level and allow you to understand where you stay at the particular moment. The service facilitates actions you need to be fully compliant with UK GDPR.
Data Protection Consultancy
Our expert consultants use the ADAPT (Assess, Design, Align, Practice, and Test) framework to facilitate your obligatory requirements and improve Data Privacy Compliance including GDPR compliance. Besides advisory, we will also roll up our sleeves and get stuck in, functioning as an extended member of your team.
Data Privacy Compliance Readiness Assessment
The line of service involves three phases – Planning, Gap Analysis and Reporting. Our consultants will acquire the required data, depending on the size, location & business nature. Then they assess your compliance with the agreed regulation or best practice to present a prioritized report on recommendations.
Data Privacy Assessment
Our auditors inspect sufficiency against legal requirements and adherence to your internal policies and procedures. We employ an evidence-based approach, and our auditor will consult and agree on the audit plan with you. Your report will soon follow the audit – a detailed report reflecting assurance levels, areas of non-compliance and advice.
Data Protection Support
We offer affordable data protection support services for businesses that manage compliance in-house but require on-demand advice on various privacy queries and concerns. We can help with distinct privacy queries, subject access requests, data theft/breaches and other matters where expert guidance is applicable.
Data Privacy Awareness & Training
We provide cost-effective personal data privacy and data protection training that help ingrain sufficient awareness in staff and ensure ongoing compliance for your business. Our training and awareness services are tailored to businesses, depending on the audience. Training sessions get offered by specialists who will take the time to learn more about your organisation and would make it more relevant.

What Can Deverra Data Protection And Privacy Consulting Do For You?

Our Data privacy or protection services and solutions are designed for companies to protect their information over the full data lifecycle – from acquisition to disposal. Service offerings help Deverra clients to: –

  • Stay up to date with major services in data security and data privacy.
  • Keep regulatory compliance in a continuously evolving regulatory landscape.
  • Identify the scope and nature of the issue or data breach and take quick actions to remediate and report the event.
  • Maintain a sound data protection and compliance management posture.
  • Protect their brand image by securing business, customer, and other critical and regulated information.

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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.