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Google Workspace

With Google Workspace, companies are successfully deploying distributed workforces all over the world, proving that the workplace of today is no longer a ‘place.’

What is Google Workspace?

In simplest terms, Google Workspace is the G Suite with a better name on top. It packs all of the productivity tools you know and love, and you can customize your Workspace to fit your business. Some of the available add-ons include customer support, cloud storage options, and added security.

Part of Google’s rebrand is also to do with new communication features. You have to communicate to have an effective workspace, and Gmail’s chat, calling, and content management features are new essentials. Best of all, most of these updates are already available for the majority of Google Workspace customers.

Google also used its rebrand as a chance to update its icons. You’ll notice a complete set of new, four-colored icons for properties like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Photos. They may take some getting used to, but it does help to unify the platform.

Like the G Suite before it, Google Workspace packs everything you need for a productive and connected office. It includes Gmail, Meet, Drive, Calendar, Chat, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Sites, Forms, and Currents. You’ll also find App Scripts and Cloud Search on the list of included apps. Those of you worried about security will be able to tap into Admin, Endpoint, Vault, and Work Insights.

Google Workspace also has new collaborative Chat features to make life easier. The idea is that it will be easier to create and develop documents inside of Chat, whether you’re part of an organization or not.

Why DeVerra..?

Delivering a comprehensive and end-to-end workplace that is natively cloud-powered, secure, flexible, innovative for people and organizations to achieve more.

Google workspace advantages

Employee Efficiency and Productivity

In the age of remote and hybrid work models, every organization grapples with the challenge of maximizing productivity and enhancing the employee experience. Deverra offers Google Workspace solutions that equip organizations with cutting-edge tools and features. These empower employees with seamless real-time collaboration, mobility, accessibility, all while minimizing downtime associated with software updates.

Cost Optimization

In the evolving landscape of remote and hybrid work, achieving smooth collaboration, robust security, and operational efficiency often necessitates the adoption of multiple solutions, which can strain budgets. Google Workspace, however, provides enterprises with a comprehensive solution that effectively addresses the demands of remote and hybrid work. It transforms legacy platforms into intuitive, intelligent workspaces, resulting in significant reductions in both capital and operational expenditures.

Secure Workplace
The ever-evolving landscape of hybrid and remote work has brought about heightened security risks. Google Workspace provides a solution with its Integrated Cloud Identity features and Advanced Protection program, incorporating robust device and security policies. These elements empower organizations to safeguard their critical data as securely as possible, mitigating potential threats effectively.

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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.