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NFC Business Card

NFC Business Card

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72% of people judge a company or a person based on the quality of their business cards, according to a report from Statistic Brain Research Institute. Stand out from the crowd by purchasing Taapon Business Card



Meet Taapon Card, the #1 most popular smart card on the planet. This will be the last business card you ever buy…
This premium polyvinyl card comes with built in Taapon technology + dynamic QR code for instant sharing at any time.Tap your Taapon Card to the back of any compatible smartphone or use the QR code on the back to instantly share your:

– Profile
– contact info
– social media
– files and videos
– websites
– and more…

The other person doesn’t need an app or a Taapon to receive your info!


Taapon devices allow you to share info to nearly any smartphone (iPhone or Android) as long as the phone can scan QR codes.

For the tap-to-share functionality built into Taapon devices, you can tap to iPhone XR, XS, 11, 12, 13, and 14 models, as well as most Androids.

*Android receivers must have their NFC turned on in their settings.

You can also use your in-app Taapon QR code to share to any smartphone.

Either way, you can always share your profile without the other person having Taapon. See our full list of compatible devices here:

Full list of compatible devices

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