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SAMA Cyber Security Framework In Saudi Arabia

Deverra helps customers improve their Cyber Resilience with SAMA Cyber Security Framework

What is SAMA CSF?

The Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) has undertaken the responsibility to improve Cyber Resilience by adopting the Industry best practices, Standards and other Frameworks and thus formulating the SAMA Cyber Security Framework. SAMA mandated the entities across all sectors to be compliant with the Cyber Security Framework and thus achieve the minimum level of security compliance requirements which will enable it to manage and withstand the cyber security threats.
SAMA CSF GAP Assessment
Assess the current state of your SAMA CSF Compliance using the SAMA CSF gap assessment methodology.
SAMA CSF Risk Assessment
Perform SAMA CSF risk assessment based on the SAMA Cyber Risk Management Framework
SAMA CSF Risk Treatment Plan
Develop Risk Treatment Plans to remediate the gaps and risks identified to acceptable levels.
SAMA CSF Policies & Procedures
Our security analysts will develop the required Information Security policies and procedures for you.
Security Testing
Perform periodic vulnerability assessments and penetration testing
Security Awareness
All your employees receive security awareness through the cloud portal helping you improve the human side of security.
Technology Implementations
Advisory on remediation of technology gaps and implementation of technical controls
SAMA CSF Progress Reviews
Perform periodic SAMA CSF Implementation progress reviews to measure the maturity level
SAMA CSF Internal Audits
Internal audits help you identify deviations from the defined SAMA CSF policies and procedures

Phase 1 – Assessment

The first phase of a SAMA CSF Compliance project is to assess the current state of compliance.
Identify Critical Assets
  • Project Initiation
  • Understand the organization
  • Identify critical business services
  • Identify information infrastructure
Gap & Risk Assessment
  • Assessment of current state and mapping it to SAMA CSF Standard
  • Identification of threats and vulnerabilities exploiting the gaps resulting in risk.
CSF Controls Identification
  • Identify cybersecurity controls that can mitigate the risks and thereby result in SAMA CSF Compliance.
  • Define SAMA CSF Risk treatment plan
SAMA CSF Compliance Reports
  • Develop the SAMA CSF compliance reports

Phase 2 – Control Development

This second phase of the project is to develop the controls to treat the risks identified. SAMA CSF Risk Treatment Plan provides the directions for this phase of the implementation.

Policies & Procedures
Policies and procedures provide the basis for implementing cybersecurity within the organization.
Security Awareness
Humans are often considered the weakest link in cyber security. Security awareness improves the cyber security posture.
Technology Controls
  • Security Architecture
  • Technology gaps
  • Configuration advisory
Management Controls
  • Operational controls
  • Physical Security
  • Managerial Controls

Phase 3 – Security Services

This phase of the engagement supplements existing security practices in the organization. Some of the key service performed by Deverra team are:

Periodic Security Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security configuration reviews
SIEM & Incident Response
  • SIEM Solution deployment
  • 24×7 Security Monitoring
  • Security Device Management
Managed Network Security
  • Next-Gen Firewalls, UTMs
  • URL Filter, Web Security
  • Wi-Fi Security
  • VPN and remote access security
Data & Endpoint Security
  • DLP Solutions
  • Patch Management
  • Endpoint security
  • Mobile Device Management

Phase 4 – Compliance Review

Periodic review of the SAMA CSF Compliance status is critical for the success of the Information Security Management System.

ISMS Performance Review
Assess the performance of the ISMS against the defined metrics. This is a key measure towards continual improvement of the ISMS
SAMA CSF Internal Audits
Perform periodic ISMS audits to assess the compliance to the defined policies and procedures
Mock Compliance Audit
Perform mock compliance audits help you identify the weak areas of ISMS implementation.
External Audit Support
Assist the customer during the compliance audit to meet the required SAMA CSF requirements.

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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.